Pay Online

The easiest way to pay online is by Direct Debit. All transactions are processed through GoCardless. You are fully protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Payment by Direct Debit will only be taken AFTER your cleaning has taken place. You will receive an email letting you know 3-5 days before the payment comes out, showing the amount.

You can click here to set up a direct debit using GoCardless (read more about them below)

Alternatively, you can pay by credit/debit card using Stripe, or you can do bank transfer. Please contact us for the details.

Frequently Asked Questions about Direct Debit payments:

Will the payment be taken in advance?

No. Payments are only collected after we have cleaned your windows [3-5 days after the clean].

Do you see my bank details?

No. All financial transactions are handled by GoCardless.

Are my details secure?

Yes. Your personal details are not shared with us by GoCardless, and are not shared with any 3rd parties.

What if my windows aren’t cleaned this month, will payment still be taken?

No. This is not an automatic, monthly Direct Debit or regular standing order. Payment is only ever taken after your windows have been cleaned.

If I want some extra cleaning done, will I have to alter the Direct Debit?

No. The Direct Debit payment system by GoCardless is a variable Direct Debit meaning we can request the amount due for that particular clean, whether is more or less than the usual amount.

I’m having building work done and won’t need my windows cleaned this month, will I need to cancel the direct debit setup?

No. Payments are only ever taken after your windows are cleaned, so if you are not having your windows cleaned for any reason, payment will not be taken.

How will I know when payment is going to be taken?

Payment is generally collected 3-5 days after your windows have been cleaned. You will also receive an e-mail prior to payment being taken informing you of the date that the payment will be collected and amount that is due.

Can I cancel/stop this payment method if I don’t want to use it anymore?

Yes, you have full control as you would with any Direct Debit payment set up.

Can I read about GoCardless for myself?

Of course, simply visit