Goldseal Cleaning ​is your local cleaning service for windows, gutters and more.

Window cleaning

Using purified water and a high reach pole system, we can clean windows that many others might leave behind. That awkward window above the conservatory? No problem!

Up to 60ft, windows and other inaccessible areas are now reachable without the use of ladders.

We don’t just clean the windows! We also clean your frames, sills and ledges as standard resulting in a more superior finished clean than many of our competitors can be bothered to do.
We are fully insured and guarantee the highest standards of service and competitive pricing. You really can’t go wrong with us.

Gutter vacuuming

Do you have a garden growing in your gutters?! Does water overflow from them when it rains? You could fix this easily by having your gutters vacuum cleaned.

Gutters need to be cleaned annually in order to keep them performing properly, and to avoid the need for gutter repairs in the future.

Removing the risk of using ladders, we can reach your guttering from the safety of the ground. We can bag and remove the organic waste, or if you have a compost heap or green waste bin, can put it there.